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About AKing

Since 1990, AKing has manufactured its mechanical system, named AKing Machinery, throughout Taiwan, which those refrigeration companies nationwide have sold our systems as consignees as well as providing after-sale service. The refrigeration machinery manufactured by us is consistent with high quality, which the standardized systems with comprehensive techniques supported have exceeded the equivalent products manufactured overseas. Our company possesses the faith of providing qualified service for our supreme clients as well as the spirit of operating the business dependably. We have been constantly developing and innovating products for our clients in order to fulfill our services, namely design, planning, modelling, installation, repair, and maintenance, respectively, in all aspect.

Company Profile


Founder Chuang Ming-Jen


This is the founder of Aking, Chuang Ming-Jen. ‘Supreme Service, Superior quality’ is our management faith. Our products include Ultra low freezers, Qiuck Freezers, Chillers and gas recycling fixtures, etc. Our team possesses the expertise which have been accumulated from experiences for years. Moreover, we provide 24/7 service in order to offer convenience for our clients. It has been 24 years since established, thus, there are mechanists who possess 24 years of experience for clients that we have been serviced for 24 years. Over years, the number of our client group is constantly expending rather than decreasing, owing to the consistent spirit of superior quality and innovative products.


Continuously progressing with innovations is our inherent goal within our expert domain. A while ago, my colleague and I attendeded a seminar named, ‘Sub-critical CO2 Applications’ held in Germany, which focused on the development of refrigeration engineering of natural refrigerants in the future. Specifically, we have comprehended and researched the content of environmental maintenances for refrigerants in depth. Additionally, our products can stand for the examinations recognized by the institution. Before manufacturing, we particularly design and plan our systems in detail. While manufacturing is in progress, we discreetly and efficiently implement the installation and providing cordial client service. As the mention above, from the initial stage till after-sale service, those are all the asset we own and the culture we advocate within our firm. Moreover, our customized machinery is constructed in compliance with environmental restrictions as well as fulfilling the demand of our clients.



Company Core

  • After-sale service is our predominant concept since establishment

  • After completion of installing a brand new machinery within the first two weeks, routine check for operation is of a necessity. Thus, the normal condition of operation and the lifespan of machinery could be sustained.

  • Repair service are practiced for 24/7, in order to ensure all issues are immediately delivered and resolved. Thus, all standby machinists are able to reach the client spot.

  • Superior quality is the core value of our firm and guaranteed quality is the valuable asset for operating sustainably. 

Company Core
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About Aking

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