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SL Specification
Aking Refrigeration System
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Hermetic Compressor, Air-cooled Condenser, and Air-cooled Evaporators, are prevalently utilized in supermarket open compartments, hybrid freezers, paddy warehouse and RC-warehouse.

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After design and verification, the high graded quality of machinery can be stabilized by standardized and procedural manufacturing with strict inspection.


The manufacturing process is standardized and modeled. Specifically, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the pipeline, machinery is soldered by the oxygen-free method. Afterwards, high-pressure nitrogen will be filled into the machinery.

Component Control

Each component is examined before installing for decreasing defective ratio.


Noise Control

Specific machinery is designed for noise reduction.

Installation Condition

Outdoors and indoors are both optional, whereas outdoors possesses a better condition of radiating heat.

Operation Mean

The machinery is completely automatic. Whether the operation is under a normal condition can be noticed by the built-in LED indicator. 

Routine Maintenance

Operators are able to self-examine and maintain its cleanness due to the user-friendly design.

Energy Efficiency

Radiators are built within an inclined angle of 45 degree, which is accorded with the principle of ‘Warmer air rises and cooler air falls’. The radiator fans can consistently alter with atmospheric temperature, while the condensers can control adiabatic condensation temperature within a certain range for decreasing the dust fall.

System Lifespan

Superior quality control of originality, the concept of simple maintenance, excellent installation condition, thermostatic condenser, and appropriate operational procedure, can all effectively extend the lifespan, or better yet, decreasing the energy consumption of system.

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