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BITZER, German originated, possesses the function of environmental energy conservation, high efficiency, low-noise and guaranteed long lifespan.

Oil separators

ESK Schultze, German originated, possesses 97% of efficient rate of oil separator. The malfunction of compressors caused by the shortage of oil can be prevented, as well as the degradation of system effected by the leakage of freezing oil in evaporators is avoidable.

Main Parts

Danfoss, Demark originated, is a renowned brand for manufacturing refrigeration parts worldwide. The parts of refrigeration system produced by them possess the highest prevalence and stability, low failure rate, and long lifespan.

Machinery Unit

Galvanized steel frames are adaptable to humidity within Taiwan, which can bear a long period of rain falls and coastal areas nearby, whereas the coating frames are resulted in a higher rate of corrosion.

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Industrial Refrigeration System

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