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Refrigeration System Design, Modelling and Installation


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Water-cooled reciprocating compressors
Commercial display fridge
Hexahedron Freezer
Commercial Refrigeration System
Refrigerating Chamber Engineering 
Industrial Refrigeration System
  • Air-Cooled Semi-hermetic Unit

  • Water-Cooled Semi-hermetic Unit

  • Air-Cooled Semi-hermetic Chiller

  • Air-Cooled Screw Chiller

  • Aking Refrigeration System

  • SL-Series

  • SLF-Series

  • SLU-Series

  • Hexahedron Refrigerating Chamber System

  • Pentagon Refrigerating Chamber System

Mobile Quick Freezer
Individual Quick Freezer, I.Q.F System
Defroster System
  • Mobile Quick Freezer

  • Constant Quick Freezer

  • Scroll Quick Freezer

  • Tunnel Quick Freezer

Avoiding food from losing its freshness and mass amount of moisture, the defroster system in food processing line is able to preserve them.

By utilizing the refrigeration method, hydrocarbon is recyclable after being liquidized.

Hydrocarbon-Recycling Equipment
Ultra Low Refrigeration System

Cooling Room desiccator

Industrial Dehumidifiers

The drawbacks such as slippery floor, condensation of moisture and corrosion of utilities, which caused by the high level of humidity are resolvable by industrial dehumidifiers.

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